Policy Management - Patch Reboot Action schedule does not respect time zone offset


  • Policy has "Patch reboot action" configured to reboot at a specific time after installation of patches.
  • After installation of patches, reboot happens at incorrect time (out by several hours).
  • The Patch Management > Reboot Action page shows a different time to the policy - this is the time that the reboot actually happened


The browser time zone offset is not being respected when submitting the schedule in the policy. It applies the schedule based on VSA server time instead of browser time.

For example: - 
- VSA server time zone is UTC (as is the case on Saas servers)
- the administrator has System > Preferences page has time zone offset of -5
- policy is configured to reboot at 11pm after patch install 
- the reboot is scheduled for 11pm server time, which is 6pm for the administrator that submitted the schedule


The problem has been documented as a suspected code defect. This article will be updated when a solution is available.


Allow for time zone offset when configuring the policy, or configure Reboot Action directly from Patch Management > Reboot Action page instead of from policy.

Applies to

Kaseya VSA - all versions

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