Reporting Issue - HTTP 401 ERROR

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    A report fails with the following error:

    HTTP 401: Unathorized or "Insufficient permissions"


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    Reports that fail with this error is caused by incorrect permissions in SQL. Please follow the instructions below to correct this issue.

    1. You will create a KaseyaReports user account and give it proper permissions:

  • NOTE : If you currently use SQL Server 2012 or later you may safely skip the implementation in the "Member Of" for the KaseyaReports account as this applies only for SQL Server 2008.

    2. Open up SQL Management Studio and assign the KaseyaReports account as a Login:

On the following screenshot make sure that you add both of these ReportServer and ReportServerTemp separately not both at once:

Then click "OK"

3. Please navigate to the following:

1. Go to the start menu > All Programs > Microsoft SQL server > Configuration Tools > Reporting Services Configuration Manager
2. Once the Reporting Services opens up, click on "Report Manager URL" tab on the left hand side menu.
3. Click on the "URL":

Once you click on the URL, it will take you to the Reporting Services web page configurations. Please follow the screenshots below:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are on SQL 2008 R2, you will first have to click on "Folder Settings" on the Homepage.


4. Log into your VSA and go into the system tab > Configure page, click on "Change URL". Then click on "Edit" and specify the KaseyaReports account you created:


Now that you have properly set permissions, you will be able to run report successfully.


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