Migrating Agents from Kaseya IT Center to Essentials, Essentials for Service Providers or Advanced


I am currently using Kaseya IT Center but want to move to Essentials, Essentials for Service Providers or Advanced bundles. What is the migration process?

Please note any references in this process to Essentials also apply to the Essentials for Service Providers or Advanced bundles. 
This article explains a procedure you can follow to install agents from an existing Kaseya IT Center account to a new Kaseya Essentials account. Essentially, the process consists of first deploying the new Essentials agents. You then have to export & import any custom content from the IT Center to the new Essentials account.

During this process, we suggest you keep two different browser windows open, one with your old IT Center account and one with your Essentials account.

1.- Deploy new Essentials Agents

It is possible for multiple agents to co-exist on the same Windows endpoints - See help page ( for details.

- Sign up for a new Essentials account and log into your account.

- Download the agent installer package. Go to the Agent module > Install Agents > Deploy Agents function. You can either choose one of the pre-configured installer packages, or you can create a new Package. See the Online Help for more details

- Save the file KcsSetup.exe to your computer. This is the Agent Installer specific to your Essentials account.

- You then need to download and execute the Essentials agent installer KcsSetup.exe in your existing machines. This can be done either Manually or using a simple Kaseya IT Center procedure.

1.a. Create a Kaseya IT Center procedure to execute the Essentials Agent Installer


Due to the specific nature of the Kaseya SaaS environment, we recommend you create the procedure yourself, using the following steps:

- Log into your old Kaseya IT Center account.

- Go to the Agent Procedures module > Installer Wizards > Application Deploy page.


    - Step 1: Upload the KcsSetup.exe file to Kaseya Server. Make sure you pick the first option (Send the installer from the KServer) and upload the file to the Shared folder:


    - Step 2: After clicking Next, select the install package from the drop-down list: KcsSetup.exe

    - Step 3: Installer type is Other. Do not specify any command line options:

    - Step 4: Name the Script. We suggest calling it "Deploy Essentials Agents".

    - Step 5: Make sure the ‘Reboot the machine after installing the application.’ checkbox is not ticked. There is generally no need to reboot the endpoints, so the procedure will not automatically reboot them.

1.b. Run the Deploy Essentials Agents deployment procedure to the target machines

- The new procedure "Deploy Essentials Agents" should appear. Otherwise select it from the procedure list.

- Clear any filters you may have to search for specific procedures to enable viewing the new procedure and deploy to all existing Kaseya IT Center agents in your old account.

- Alternatively, you may wish to deploy first to selected endpoints.

- If you deploy to a large number of endpoints, we recommend scheduling the execution of the procedure a couple of minutes, so you do not overload your Kaseya server and/or the customer's network. Otherwise, click on the Run Now option to immediately run the procedure.

- Ensure you do not check the box "Skip if machine offline". We want the installer to run as soon as the computers come back online.

- Select all machines and click on Run Now.


1.c Verify Essentials agents have been deployed

- Log into your Essentials account.

- As the new agents start checking in with the SaaS servers, you will see them coming online.

- Obviously, if the computers were not online (and you didn't check the box "Skip if machine offline"), it may take some time until the IT Center procedure has executed on all managed machines. You may need to troubleshoot any issues as you normally would the remote execution of any installer.



You can download this process document from the IT Center Files section.  

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