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IT Service Delivery Kit Overview

The fastest way to get systems online and under proactive management.

The IT Service Delivery Kit is a high value bundle of pre configured Kaseya content used by our customers and staff to deliver IT Services.  The IT Service Delivery Kit sets the foundation for both proactive systems maintenance, remote based monitoring and management for desktops and servers anywhere in the world.

Kit Contents:

  • Reports and System Views
  • Agent Procedures
  • Monitor, Alert, Event, and SNMP Sets
  • Agent Deployment Packages

Reports and System Views

The Reports and System Views help you efficiently manage your systems.  Reports provide you with a way to measure your success and the current state of your environments.  Pre-defined Systems Views let you look at your groups of machines through different filters.


  • The Executive Summary: great for measuring the health of a network or to share network status with management
  • Agent Procedure Check Disk log: a easy way to see if the Check Desk utility needed to run on any system over the last 30 days
  • Event Log Frequency: quickly see what the top 5 event logs have been across your entire customer base over the last 3 days
  • Security Patches Installed: generate a quick pie chart and summary table of all patches installed over the last 30 days
  • Security Patches Missing: easily view all servers, desktops, and laptops with missing patches

Systems Views:

  • See all Exchange or SQL servers across your entire customer base
  • Easily view which computers are online or offline
  • Generate a list of systems with missing security patches
  • Filter machines by operating system
  • Find out which computers have less then 2GB of RAM
  • Locate machines with last years version of Adobe Reader
  • And much more...

Monitor, Alert, Event, and SNMP Sets

Monitor,Alert, Event and SNMP Sets are groups of triggers used to alert you when something is wrong.  These alerts can create a ticket inside Kaseya’s ticketing system or send you an email.  These sets watch services, event logs, hardware ceilings, SNMP traps and more.  Kaseya has built a robust list of predefined monitor sets so you can get up and running quickly and easily.    
  • Over 20 different Exchange specific services and event logs pre-defined and ready to be used
  • Critical SQL services and event ID’s constantly watching over your precious databases
  • Keep close watch of the Terminal Services licensing and service
  • Don’t let IIS become unavailable with you knowing about it
  • Citrix specific sets alerting you in real-time
  • Diskspace, processor and memory ceilings setup based on recommend thresholds
  • SNMP traps for printers, switches, firewalls, ESX servers and more

Use Kaseya’s recommended monitor, event, and SNMP sets to get up and running right away.  Need to do more? Customize any set meet your own needs as you grow.

Agent Procedures

Agent Procedures is one of the most powerful modules of the Kaseya platform.  What may have been done manually, can now be automated saving you time and decreasing human error. With the IT Service Delivery Kit we have created a few procedures to get started on the road to automation:
  • Check for fragmented hard drives and defrag when needed

  • Flush the DNS cache on a weekly basis to insure

  • Remove temporary user files and Internet files that just take up space

  • Synchronize the server time with  to insure maintenance and system information is always accurate

  • Force user log off or IP renewal

  • Shutdown a system or multiple systems all at once

  • Run an AD replication check on every server you manage get updated via email

  • Run Exchange 2007 (and 2003) analyzer on all Exchange servers you support automatically

  • And MUCH more...

Pro-active system maintains only stops with your imagination.  Start adding other scheduled tasks to run daily, weekly, or monthly and let the system take care of the busy work for you.



The Kaseya IT Service Delivery Kit lets you:

  • Spend less time configuring the system and more time using it

  • Provide proactive IT systems management  in minutes, not days

  • Jumpstart your recurring revenue stream and start managing endpoints right away


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