After upgrading to R8 "SecureSessionModule" errors are seen in the Windows event log

After upgrading to Kaseya R8, you see event log messages that report

Event code: 3008
Event message: A configuration error has occurred.

And contain, in the description:
Exception message: Could not load type 'Kaseya.SessionModule.SecureSessionModule'.

This is due to a invalid reference in one of the configuration files. It is not doing any harm, simply IIS reporting that it is unable to access a file which does not exist (and should not)

The fix is to remove the invalid reference. Follow the steps below to resolve this.

1. Log in to the Kaseya server desktop (Windows)
2. Navigate to c:\kaseya\webpages\web.config
3. Use a text editor such as Notepad
4. Look for the line like <add type= "Kaseya.SessionModule.SecureSessionModule" name="SecureSessionModule"/>
5. Add the symbol <!-- before <add type= "Kaseya.SessionModule.SecureSessionModule" name="SecureSessionModule"/>
6. Add the symbol --> after <add type= "Kaseya.SessionModule.SecureSessionModule" name="SecureSessionModule"/>
7. Save the file
8. Place the edited web.config at c:\kaseya\webpages\

Here is a screenshot of how your web.config file should look like:

This has been reported to the engineering team.

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