Running Kaseya in a virtualized environment


Performance might be surprisingly bad when running Kaseya within a virtual environment, even  though physical specs check out or exceed minimum system requirements.


When setting up VM images there are a few things to know or remember when it comes to VM.

When allocating CPU/RAM/Drive resources you should keep in mind that their performance is not going to be as fast and efficient as if it was a physical system. Most important are the CPU/RAM configurations. For the best performance you should over rate the physical CPU requirements for any given VM image by a factor of 1.2, so a VM Intel/AMD Dual Core running @ 2.2GHz is equal to a physical speed of 1.76GHZ.

The RAM is even more dynamic in this area. If you have 6GB/DDR2 1666 of VM RAM configured to a image its physical equivalent size/performance is at best 4.5GB/DDR3 1066. With RAM its generally even lower than that due to the VM total cost of management.


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