Error Logging in: Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string


If you have suppressed the maintenance expiry notifications from system>configure page, you may intermittently get the error message below when trying to log in:




There is an engineering case created for this issue. If a customer has chosen to hide the maintenance notification from system>configure then this error message may come up during login attempt.


WORKAROUND (For Experienced Users Only)


- The following workaround makes modifications to the Kaseya Database directly. If you are not familiar or comfortable making these changes directly, please submit a Support Ticket indicating you have read this article and seek our assistance.

- As always, make sure you take a backup of ksubscribers database from SQL Management Studio before proceeding.


A fix for this issue is to run this below query against the ksubscribers database: 


use ksubscribers

delete from tempdata where tempname = 'stopmaintwarn'


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