After installing patch Re-apply schema may give an error



Running re-apply schema after installing patch can result in an error. The error states

Could not find the file 'C:KaseyadbInstallCorescriptInsertFastTransferSysPref.sql'




There is an erroneous reference to the file in re-apply schema. This file should not be on the server. The issue is with the reference, rather than the file actually missing


On the VSA front-end server
1. navigate to C:\Kaseya\DBInstall\core
2. edit map.xml in a text editor (notepad for example)
3. scroll right to the bottom. 5 - 10 lines from the bottom is a line that reads

<File ObjType="script" ObjName="InsertFastTransferSysPref">script\InsertFastTransferSysPref.sql</File>

Notice that this line contains the same file name from the error - InsertFastTransferSysPref.sql

4. at the start of this line add <!-- and at the end add --> to comment out this erroneous line
The line should look like this afterwards

<!-- <File ObjType="script" ObjName="InsertFastTransferSysPref">script\InsertFastTransferSysPref.sql</File> -->



5. Save the file

You can now run re-apply schema without the error


If you are still seeing issues after applying this workaround or do not feel confident in doing this yourself, please contact support by visiting and mention that you have looked at this article.


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