The agent version number is not updating after version 7 update


You have installed version 7 and tried to update the agents. The agents report that they have updated, but the version number is still 6.x.x.x.

Your Kaseya server is not set to US English regional setting.



There is a background process that runs called emailnotify. Currently, for some non-US-English OSes, the date format that this returns does not match the expected date format, for example, your regional settings may return 24-May-14, or 24/5/14, instead of the expected 5/24/2014. This difference means that SQL cannot process the dates correctly.

You can test if this is the problem by logging in to kaseya and changing the url to this - http://<>/localauth/emailnotify.asp?pwe=fireEmailNotify (the case of the text is import - lower f, upper E and upper N)

If all is working, you will get a blank page, if you are suffering this problem, you will see an error message, probably mentioning a date or conversion error.



The engineering team aware of the issue.

A manual update of the database can be performed by the support team if required. Please contact support if you need this doing.




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