Errors when using multiple connections to the same kaseya server


You are seeing errors in service desk and you have multiple tabs in the same browser pointing to the same Kaseya server and are working in different tickets in the service desk module,



Kaseya does not support using multiple sessions to the same server. The kaseya server stores the "state" of each user - the page that they are on, the actions they are taking.
If a user is logged in to the same server with the same credentials, but looking at different pages, or tickets, or functions, then the server gets confused at where the user is

Tab1 - Editing ticket STD111111.

Tab2 - Editing ticket STD222222

You make a change to the ticket in tab1 and save this change. Kaseya "knows" that you are currently editing ticket STD111111, as this value is stored in the "state" table on the kaseya server. You then switch to tab2 and make a change to the ticket. The problem is that the state table shows Kaseya that you are currently editing ticket STD111111, so the change to ticket STD222222 will fail with any number of errors


Solution / Workaround:

Do not log in to the same Kaseya server's web interface with the same username multiple times


Other details:

Please note that this is not limited to Service desk and tickets, but other functions and pages in Kaseya

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