After upgrade to R9.1, the installed patch level has not changed


You have just upgraded to R9.1 from previous version of Kaseya, either v7 or v8 or R9

The Kaseya Patch Level in system>configure still shows old patch level





This is nothing to be concerned about.

The new installers for core/addons downloaded by kinstall.exe during the upgrade to R9.1 will have patches released till date(i.e the time this article was published)

Since there is no patch released in R9.1 yet, the description in database showing Installed Patch Level has not been touched and will continue to show past value. This however would not mean you don't have all the latest fixes required.

In future, when and if Kaseya releases any patch for R9.1, the Installed Patch Level will change accordingly as soon as you install that newly released patch


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