KRC shows "Machine not online" or "Connection Lost" after upgrade to R9

When trying to KRC to a machine that shows as online in the Kaseya interface, you receive the message "Machine is not online", or after a few seconds "Connection Lost" - the remote session does not establish successfully

This is a known issue. The remote control component of the Kaseya agent is a separate process from the Agent itself - it is called Kaseya.AgentEnpoint.exe.
If this process loses its connection to the Kaseya server, it will fail to re-establish the connection until it is restarted.
This could be caused by the Kaseya server being restarted, a network issue, or anything else that interrupts the connection from this process to the Kaseya server.

To apply the fix, do the following:

- Download and re-run the Kaseya Server Setup (
- Select the addons upgrade option (not VSA)
- Step through the installation wizard.
- On the Addon Installation wizard page, select the Kaseya Patch Process addon (make sure the checkbox that the "Kaseya Patch Process" at the bottom of the add on list is checked)
- Complete the steps of the installation wizard

Please note that you will have to schedule an update of the agents to for this patch to complete.
To do this,
1. go to the agent tab -> update agent page
2. Select the "Force agent update box at the top of the page"
3. schedule the update of the agents

For more details on the Patch Release Process, please read this article:

The list of fixes in each Patch Release is available here:


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