Patch Release Process & VSA Patch Installation instructions

Installing Patch Releases - On-Premise


  1. Rerun Kaseya Server Setup. On the system hosting your Kaseya Server, click Start > All Programs > Kaseya > Kinstall.
  2. Accept the License Agreement, and proceed through the System Check (fixing issues as needed). 
  3. Choose “Install add-ons only.  Do not upgrade VSA.” and click Next:
  4. On the Addon Installation wizard page, select the Kaseya Patch Process addon.
  5. Complete the steps of the installation wizard.
  6. Un-check all add-ons that 
    1. You do not want to install -or-
    2. Are already up-to-date -or-
    3. Are not available
  7. Make sure that “Kaseya Patch Process” is checked, and click Nextmceclip2.png
  8. Confirm that “Kaseya Patch Process” is set to update and click Next:
  9. Note: Rerunning the installation will restart Kaseya Services. Your VSA will be offline for several minutes, depending on the speed of your host environment. 
  10. When the patch installation is complete, KInstall will disappear from your screen.
  11. Log into your Kaseya Server as a Master Admin and navigate to  System > Server Management > Configure. 
  12. Verify the updated version number in the “Installed Patch Level”… this should match the version of “Kaseya Patch Process” that you just installed:


Installing Patch Releases On SaaS


  1. Patches and updates to our SaaS infrastructure are deployed by the Kaseya Cloud Operations team during regular maintenance windows . 
  2. Details are listed in the Cloud Operations Status Dashboard (


Latest Release Notes

You may review the release notes for specific patched in the following page:


Note: Thanks to Brian Dagan for his input and suggestions.

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