Version 6.5 Install / Upgrade Checklist


I am interested in installing, or am going to upgrade to, the new Kaseya version 6.5. Is there any documentation and checklist I need to follow?


Below you will find documentation for version 6.5 as well as a pre- and post-install checklist.

Pre-Install Checklist

  • Ensure the server meets system requirements, as above. Note: Windows Server 2003 and SQL 2005 and below are not supported.
  • Non-Internet Installs: If your Kaseya Server has no Internet access, please see this article.
  • Disable or uninstall any anti-virus that may be running on the new server during the upgrade process. Anti-virus can interfere with the installation of Kaseya as it can block and/or lock files during the installation process. After the installation of Kaseya we recommend to set exclusions for the entire Kaseya directory (typically C:\Kaseya).
  • As with any software upgrade we recommend having a full backup of your ksubscribers database as well as Kaseya directories. More details are available in the installation guide above.

Post-Install Checklist

  • Verify you are able to update agents. (Note, no more than 100 agents should be updated at the same time. Please stagger accordingly to prevent performance issues.)
  • Verify reports are working
  • Verify Kaseya Live Connect (KLC) works

If you have any other issues after the upgrade, please log a Support ticket at  indicating clearly in the Summary line that you are upgrading to v6.5. We will need the Install log. Please ZIP and send everything in the Windows directory beginning with "Kaseya". All the install logs are in the format ofC:\Windows\Kaseyaxxxxxxxxx



Kaseya Software Roadmap:



Kaseya Server v6.5 On Premise only

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