How to Create a Kaseya HelpDesk Account.

Question: How do I create a Kaseya helpdesk account at

Answer: See below steps:

1. Go to and on the top right-hand corner, click Sign in:

2. In the middle pane, select the Sign up option:

3. Fill out the "Your full name" and "Your email" fields

4. Pass the reCAPTCHA authentication and lastly, click the Sign up button:

Note: Please be sure to use your work email address so that it may be linked to your Organization. General email address such as "" and "" will be marked as spam. 

5. You will receive an email with the subject of "Welcome to Kaseya". Please follow the instructions contained in the email to create your password and sign in.


6. Once you are logged into your Helpdesk account, in order to get a new ticket created, you can submit a support request by selecting Submit a request link on the top menu:

7. Select Kaseya Support from the drop-down menu:

8. Continue to fill out the other fields, make sure attachments are uploaded (if applicable) and when done, click Submit:

9. To view your existing open requests, select the drop-down next your user profile and select My activities:

10. The above will display the list of tickets you have submitted. When clicking on the Subject of a listed ticket, it will open up the ticket to view its update history and the ability for you to submit an update:


Note: You will also receive a confirmation email that a new ticket has been created under your account - the body of the email will look like this:

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