How To Create a Kaseya HelpDesk Account


How do I create a Kaseya helpdesk account at


1. Go to and on the top right hand corner, click "Sign Up"


2. Fill out the "Your Full Name" and "Your Email" fields. Lastly, click "Sign Up". Please be sure to use your work email address so that it may be linked to your organization. General email address, such as "" and "" will be marked as spam.



3. You will receive an email with the subject of "Welcome to Kaseya". Please follow the instructions contained in the email to create your password and sign in.


Creating a New Ticket
Once you are logged into your helpdesk account, you can submit a support request by selecting “Submit a
Request” on the top menu.





Kaseya Support Queries = Support issues for the VSA, Traverse, or BMS products
Kaseya University = Inquiries for the Kaseya Certification (KCA & KCT)
KITS Virtual Engineer Request = For paid NOC services
Vorex Support Queries = Support issues for the Vorex product
Once you select the appropriate ticket form, please make sure to fill out all ticket fields and then click on
“Submit” at the bottom.


For the Support Queries Form - Fields

Core Solution Version Number: Please select the Kaseya version your server is currently on. Or if you are BMS, Traverse, AuthAnvil, or 365 Command, please choose one of those options.

Module: Please select the category you are submitting the ticket for. For example, you would choose "Agent Procedures" if the issue is occurring within the Agent Procedures module/tab.

Server URL: Please enter the full URL to access your VSA login page.

Business Impact (Severity): Please enter the severity of your issue. You can follow these guidelines:

Steps To Reproduce: Please list the exact steps Kaseya Support can follow to replicate and test the issue being reported

Example Machines: Please provide the name of at least 1-2 agents experiencing the issue that Kaseya Support can investigate

Viewing Existing Tickets
To view your existing open requests, click on the “Check your Existing Requests” tab on the top menu. It will
display the list of open tickets you have submitted. When clicking on the SUBJECT of a listed ticket, it will
open up the ticket to view its ticket update history and the ability for you to submit an update.






To view a list of your solved tickets, please click on the “View your recently solved and closed requests” link
on the right hand side.





If you are still unable to create/access your account, please contact your account manager at

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