New Support initiative to expand our accessible Knowledge Base

Since the beginning of the year, we at Kaseya Support have been working hard to extend our Knowledge Base, creating more articles and making new and existing content much more relevant to you, based on your feedback and extensive analysis of the Support tickets we receive. Here are some stats we thought of sharing with you:

  • New Articles being created all the time: Over 580 new KB articles published so far in 2015.
  • Relevant, up-to-date content: Over 300 of the oldest articles have been reviewed and updated
  • Extensive Knowledge Base: More than 1,500 KB articles available now in the Kaseya Knowledge Base
  • And it's getting popular: Over 60,000 views per month (increased by 160% in past quarter)
  • Searches work: 10,000 searches of the KB per month, generating under 500 tickets. 
  • Some of the most viewed articles in the past 30 days were:

Tell us what topics we should cover. Please post your ideas in the Comments section below.

And if you haven't taken our KB for a spin yet, be sure to come back here regularly or the next time you have a technical question about your Kaseya products.

Thank you!

The Kaseya Support Team

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