Kaseya University Policies


The following policies apply to all Kaseya University offerings:

  • Kaseya University subscription start date is calculated from when the initial welcome email is sent to the named services contact for the customer regardless of actual usage. In cases where multiple student accounts are purchased, all accounts will receive the same start date regardless of when the individual students actually begin their studies. Program renewals are available for qualifying customers at a discounted rate (as compared to a new program purchase).  
  • In the event that no services contact has been identified, Kaseya is under no obligation to fulfill. It is the purchasing company’s responsibility to identify the contact so that Kaseya University may fulfill the order and students may begin their training and certificate program. Those who fail to provide a contact so that their program remains unfilled for six months, will not receive a refund and must re-purchase. The pricing is on a "use it or lose it" basis. No Exceptions.
  • Kaseya University offers subscription-based programs. Those needing more access time than what is allotted in their respective program may extend their purchase one time using the extension fee; otherwise, another subscription purchase will be necessary. In rare circumstances and at the sole discretion of Kaseya, one extension may be granted gratis for 30 days.
  • Kaseya University training and certificate programs are delivered on a per-student basis, including the company subscription. Log-ins and enrollment keys are not to be shared. Programs can be transferred from one student to another only if the original learner has not started the learning material. When transferred to a new learner the subscription period will reset so that the newly assigned learner will have the full subscription period of availability.

  • Kaseya University is a dynamic environment where content is updated regularly to stay current with the modules of IT Complete. Kaseya University aims to refresh the certification learning paths within one month of a major product release. Kaseya University will make every reasonable attempt to retain a student’s completion status during a release transition but is under no obligation to do so.

  • Kaseya University programs include one attempt to attain a Certificate of Achievement (i.e. KCA Certification); however because an individual must prove his/her knowledge and skills to be awarded the certificate, not all students enrolled in the program will necessarily pass. Additionally, when a certificate is awarded, it is on an individual basis (not to the company that sponsored the individual). If the individual transfers organizations, the certificate will follow the individual and not reside with the originating company.
  • Kaseya University bundles the training and certificate program, and the exam will not be separated and sold individually, except in cases when a student needs to re-take the exam due to a past failed attempt.
  • A Kaseya University certification (KCA) is issued with both a product version number and issuing date. While the certification is always valid, any benefit associated with the certification is only honored for one year from the issue date, regardless of the product version.

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