KID Unable to install the Kaseya agent using the preOS


When deploying an image to a number of machines they are unable to install the Kaseya agent during the Linux PreOS



In most cases the reason why the agent is failing to install is because it's unable to contact the Kaseya server. 

The agent obtains the Kaseya address from the repository.

The repository machine will take it's primary check in address and resolve it. It then sends this address to the client machine to use as the address for the agent to check in. 

In some cases although the repository was able to connect to the kserver using  the resolved address when this address is sent to the client machine it's unable to because of networking issues.  

The client machines must be able to connect to the Kserver on the address that the repository server resolves it too.

The client machine will not attempt to use any secondary address to connect to the Kaseya sever.

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