KID How to test for network connectivity from a "CD boot"


You maybe unable to perform imaging tasks from a "CD-Boot"



It's possible that you're unable to connect to the repository and therefore aren't unable to image your machines.

For a machine to be imaged successfully it needs to be able to contact the repository and Kaseya server on their ip address (no DNS) 

Assuming that the servers will reply to "Pings" then you can use the following tests to determine if the machine is able to connect to the servers.


1) Insert the KID boot cd and boot to it

 2) When you get to this Screen please Press ALT+F2




2) Then type ifconfig (NOT ipconfig)

Doing so will return a screen like this . Please ensure the machine has received a valid Ip address.




3) Now please try to ping your repository and Kservers  address by typing PING “address” 

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