KID 1.0 Quick Checklist

Please note that this is for KID 1.0 only (Kaseya 6.1/6.2)!   If you are running Kaseya 6.3 then you have KID 1.1 and this Checklist does not apply.


Quick Checklist for KID 1.0.

Make sure your VSA is fully hot fixed.

Make sure your repository machine can connect to the VSA on port 80 (this can be manually changed to use HTTPS and port 443). See the following KKB article on how to do this:

No transparent proxies are in the way between the VSA and your endpoints to be imaged or the repository. We have found issues with SQUID stopping KID from download required components. Currently any proxy between the VSA and the repository is currently unsupported in KID 1.0.

You need to create a repository on each subnet where you want to create or deploy images. You will not be able to travel the repository to different networks and take images or backups. 

KID 1.0 will not span multiple subnets with a single repository. So a repository is required for each subnet.

The repository must be on a physical machine, not a virtual machine. Also the physical machine (or repository host) cannot run any other hypervisor systems including VMware Workstation or Microsoft Virutal PC.

The physical machine MUST have a SINGLE WIRED connection to the local network. Wireless network connections are NOT supported. 

The physical machine MUST have been audited by the VSA before it can used as a repository or it will not show up in selection for use.

Unless your existing network conflicts with the PXE default address range of 192.168.25.X/24, do NOT change this address range on your repository unless the default conflicts with physical machines on your network.

Make sure you're running a DHCP server accessible from the subnet where you have a repository and a working DHCP scope.

Make sure your target machines for image creation and deployment are configured to PXE boot before disk boot.

Make sure there is no other PXE server running on the same network as your KID repository.

Make sure you create your images on a system with the same sized, or smaller, hard drive as the machines you plan to deploy to.

A agent license is required for each repository.

Troubleshooting: General

Problem: Invalid column name ‘agentdisplayname' error in the machine history dialog.
Solution: Click on a different column header in the grid view -- this error occurs when the Machine column is selected for sort.

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