How to create boot menu items in KID


How to create boot menu items in KID


This allows on demand imaging of machines and imaging of machines without an agent

Warning boot menu options are available to any user in the repositories subnet using PXE boot or CD boot and can potentially allow a user to incorrectly reimage their machine.

1) Make sure Boot Menu is enabled for your repository. This can be done when you create the repository or be changed by editing an existing repository.

2) Got to the Configure > Boot Menu option in the imaging and deployment module

3) Select a Schedule name and the Repository you wish this boot menu item to apply to

4) Select the image folder which the back up or image you wish to be deployed by this menu item then select the image

5) If you wish to join the machines running this job to a domain check the join a domain option and enter the details that you wish to specify. Any details left blank will prompt the user running this job for the information

6) Optionally choose any post deployment agent procedure you wish to run. You cannot specify a pre-procedure for a boot menu option so this will be greyed out.

7) Choose a network transfer method. Unicast, Multicast or Multicast (Limit to 1 hop). Limit to one hop is typically used for trouble shooting network speed issues when deploying via multicast

8) Click Save

You should now be able to select you new imaging option from the boot menu when PXE or CD booting a machine from this repository.


6.3 ONLY

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