How to create a New Repository for Kaseya Imaging and Deployment


How to create a New Repository for Kaseya Imaging and Deployment



This KB article lists the steps to follow to create a new repository in KID.

1. Navigate to the imaging and deployment tab and click on the Configure > Repositories link.

2. Click on the green plus New Repository icon.

3. Select a name and description for the Repository, then select an agent host. When choosing the agent to host the repository be aware if you are using a workstation OS you may have issues with the TCP/IP connections limits and memory limitations on the SMB shares, also some changes must be made if creating a repository on your DHCP server. You can find details of this in our KID 1.1 FAQ

4. Check the Enable boot menu option if the repository is being used for non-agent machine deployment. This requires a corresponding boot menu. PXE Linux is an alternate boot loader to address some compatibility issues and should only be used upon advice from support..

5. Specify the Image Folder name, Drive, and Path.

6. Select the Deploy Now checkbox to create the repository instantly or schedule a time for deployment.

7. Click Save. 

8. You can view the status of the creation by selecting the new repository


Clicking on the event history link will expand the tasks contained within the Add Repository job.



6.3 ONLY

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