Error: Timed Out Waiting For MA:CA:DD:RE:SS

Q. Why am I getting this error in the VSA "Timed Out Waiting For MA:CA:DD:RE:SS" when I try to an Image or Backup? 

A. This can be caused by 4 possible issues: 

1) PXE boot has not been enabled and set before disk boot in the BIOS of the target machine. Have a look at this article on this:

2) Sysprep'd failed and the device failed to reboot. Check the endpoint and make sure it reboots and boots into PXE. Also try the backup operation first as this does not use Sysprep and removes a layer of complexity and confirms the KID operations are working. 

3) The target endpoint to be imaged or backed up is using Wireless to connect to the VSA. So the VSA will record the MAC address of the wireless device to listen for when PXE booting. In this situation disable the Wireless adapter and connect the device to the network via a WIRED network connection and try the imaging operation again. 

4) The target machine is probably not on the same subnet as the physical repository machine (technically, not on the same broadcast domain ).

Also from a support perspective this is the hardest place to isolate the fault remotely as there is no logging during the POST, the only way is to be in front of the machine watching the boot process and any error messages during this phase of the POST. 

This article applies to KID 1.0


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