Imaging Operations

Troubleshooting: Imaging Operations

Problem: Sysprep fails when deploying an image of an OEM version of Microsoft Windows
Possible Cause: Sysprep of OEM versions of Windows is specifically disallowed by Microsoft. Please see the following documentation from Microsoft on this issue.

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: When creating an image, the error "unknown -sysyprep yesargument/s" appears for the Create New Image step..

Possible Cause: This problem can occur when an older version of the KID image server fails to auto-update itself. To resolve the problem, please download the latest version of this file:

And place it on your VSA at the following location with your Kaseya server installation: ...\Kaseya\WebPage\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\ImageDeploy\imgsrv.exe
Then, delete and recreate the affected repository, and try the image creation again.

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: The KID PXE server doesn't respond to a client when using Auto Deploy.

Possible Cause: The PXE server will only respond to machines with MAC addresses that the not known to the VSA. If the machine you are trying to image has a Kaseya Agent account on the VSA, you need to delete the agent account, then re-activate the KID repository to update the list of known MAC addresses.

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: PXE boot fails for Auto Deploy you may see the error "No clonezilla param in /proc/cmdline!" or "no boot file name received" on the rebooting machine.
Possible Cause: The Auto Deploy operation started before the repository configuration was complete. Make sure Edit Repository and Activation Repository tasks are complete before trying to PXE boot a computer for AutoDeploy. These can take quite a while for this to complete, especially if you have many machines managed by the VSA.

Problem: Screen goes blank on client machine while KID is running
Possible Cause: We have heard of this when the screen is connected via a KVM switch, try connecting a screen directly to the computer.

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: Screen shows static during cloning of machines with Radeon 64xx HD video cards.
Possible Cause: This is a known issue with the current Linux kernel we are using in our PreOS, and will be fixed in a future update of KID. The problem is cosmetic, but can make debugging harder on these systems.

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: "Can not find sysprep directory"
Possible Cause: The windows sysprep directory on the target system may be at a non-standard path. Check that the c:\Windows directory is named "Windows" (case sensitive) on Windows XP, and that the "c:\Windows\Panther" directory has the same initial-upper-case form on Windows Vista and Windows 7. We are investigating removing this restriction on case in the next version of KID. 

Problem: Need to 1:) enable the administrator account and 2:) set the administrator password on deployed machines

Solution: For actions like creating a local account, you can make these changes to the source machine before creating the image.

Problem: Error message: Unable to mount /shared/upload when cloning
Possible Cause: Can be caused if a repository is re-created when a delete of the same repository has not finished. Please delete the repository, wait for deletion to report success in the status tab, then recreate the repository.

Problem: Error message: Unable to mount /shared/repository when cloning
Possible Cause: There may be a space in your image folder name. Please create a new folder name without a space, or redeploy the repository with a default folder without a space. 

Problem:  Image Deploy Service fails to start with a GPF "Faulting application ImageDeployService.exe, version, faulting module ImageDeployService.exe, version, fault address 0x0006d066."
Suggestion:  Make sure you have the latest hotfixes.You could also try checking if there is a registry value Local Machine\Software\Kaseya\LastRepositoryAddress and if there is, delete it. 

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