Getting KID 1.0 to work on HTTPS only VSA

Q. How do I get KID 1.0 to work on a HTTPS (or SSL) only VSA. 

A. By default KID will only try to use HTTP, so on your VSA there is 3 files that need to be modified that allow KID 1.0 to operate in a https environment:




These 3 files are located in c:\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\ImageDeploy and these 3 files contain the locations of the required files to set up the repositories. (Replace C: with the drive you installed Kaseya on)

In each file you will see the following XML code: 

file src="/ManagedFiles/VSAHiddenFiles/ImageDeploy/

All you have to change is inserting your https URL: 

file src="

Once you have made these change save these files over the original files and then create your repository and it should now activate without issue.

This article applies to KID 1.0 Only

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