Windows Repository Hosts: NTLMv2 vs NTLM, connecting to image shares

Q. Why cant my machine I am trying to take an image of connect to the share on the repository host? 

A. By default a few of Windows machines will set the NTLM to version 2 only and will not allow any previous version including NTLM which is used by KID. 

So in order to change this follow the following KB article from Microsoft and use setting 4 which is: 

"Send only NTLM responses and refuse LM authentication."


Setting 4 in detail: 

"Client computers use only NTLM authentication. Client computers use NTLMv2 session security if the server supports NTLMv2 session security. Domain controllers refuse LM authentication. Domain controllers accept NTLM authentication and NTLMv2 authentication."

Once you have change this setting to 4 in the registry, reboot the repository host and retry the imaging operation. 


The machine should now be able to connect to the image share on the repository host. 

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