Repository Creation

Troubleshooting: Repository Creation

Problem: Repository cannot be installed on a Domain Controller (including Microsoft Small Business Server).
Possible Causes: The KID Repository creates local users, and thus cannot be hosted on a Domain Controller. Please use a different system, ideally not a server which hosts other critical services.

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: Repository cannot does not activate on a 2008 server with Hyper-V. 
Possible Causes: The KID Repository uses Virtual-Box to allow repository to run and in turn uses its own hypervisor system which along with Hyper-V can stop the repository from starting. Removing Hyper-V and reactivating or re-creating the repository should resolve this issue. 

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: Repository dependencies (Virtual Box) cannot be installed when creating a repository.
Possible Causes: The repository downloads the files it needs from your VSA using HTTP, and requires access to the VSA on port 80 or port 443 / HTTPS. If you have your VSA web server running on another port and see this failure, please contact support.

Problem  [KID 1.0 only]: Repository dependencies (Virtual Box) are installed, but the repository is not installed.
Possible Causes: The imgsrv.exe file has probably been modified by your Anti Virus software -- because it contains a virtual machine, it sometimes triggers false positive virus detection. Please disable your AV software on the repository and try the deployment again. If this doesn't work, then check that the copy of imgsrv.exe you downloaded to your VSA has not been modified there. One simple way to do this is to double click on the file to see if it self-extracts correctly.

Problem: Repository does not activate.
Possible Causes: No DHCP server, or  [in KID 1.0 only] the repository has been created on the VSA / KServer.

Problem: Repository does not activate, with the error "KAgent could not connect"
Possible Causes: Auto account creation is disabled for the unnamed.root group. You will need to enable this (under System | System Preferences | Check-in Policy) to deploy KID repositories, because the virtual machine agent is added to this group by default (although you can then move it). It you wish to use the KID Auto Deploy mode, which is used to image bare metal systems, then you will also need auto account creation turned on for the group unnamed.root. Also a agent license is required for every repository. 

Problem: Repository machine losing it's IP address so a backup/image stops and never gets past creating image. 
Possible Cause: This happens when a Windows machine goes into sleep mode so the networking is shut down. Normally a server machine shouldn't go into sleep mode! If you delete the running scheduled task then do a deactivate/activate on the repository it will clear this condition.

Problem [KID 1.0 only]: Repository does not activate. Fails Configuring Repository task with "The IP address is already in use".
Possible Cause: KID does not have exclusive use of the PXE address range. As something else is on the network then please change the PXE Start Address to another network. The whole /24 subnet needs to be dedicated to KID.  KID can use any /24 address range as long as it is not being used by anything else. Note: You don't need a gateway for this network. It will only be used for local traffic between the Repository server and the machines being imaged.

Problem  [KID 1.0 only]: Your Microsoft server disables it's DHCP service when a KID repository is on the same network
Possible Cause: This is caused the the "rogue DHCP detection" feature of the Microsoft DHCP server. You can disable this by setting a registry key as described in this article:

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