Download Recovery ISO link is broken

KB# KKB001039


When I click on the link to download the StorageCraft Recovery Environment ISO, I get a 404 Error URL not resolved.


Recently StorageCraft change the location of the Recovery Environment ISO. As such, the URL included within the KSBR module is no longer correct.


We are working on updating the links, but in the meantime, you may use the following workaround to download the recovery ISO.
1.- Retrieve the product key can by accessing the StorageCraft software installed on any endpoint with an activated license. Open the ShadowProtect console, go to the Help tab > Product Activation. Copy the Product Key (for example, "A134-3469-BE97-98CE"). Please note that endpoints with Trials will not have this option available. You must use an active endpoint.

2.- Go to

3.- Paste the Product Key and click Submit.

If you have any issues retrieving your valid product key or cannot access an agent to retrieve it, please submit a Support ticket. We will need the name and/or AgentGUID of the agent machine that needs to be recovered. Make sure you mention you have tried the steps in this article.


See KB# KKB000921 (Obtaining ShadowProtect Recovery Environment)


Kaseya System Backup and Recovery (KSBR)

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