"Backup skipped" warning occurs at scheduled backup time, then runs 2 hours later


  • Backup Logs page shows this warning at time of scheduled backup 
    "backup skipped because machine was offline for more than 15 minutes at the scheduled backup time"
  • two hours later, the backup runs again and completes normally1.png
  • agent was in fact on-line for the whole period, but was displaying a pop-up error for an application called AdminUserCheck.exe2.png


  • the problem has been documented
  • it only occurs if there is no "agent credential" account configured for the backup agent



Visit Agent > Set Credential page and apply credentials to the agent in question. For successful backup, agent must have the following permissions: -

- belongs to local "administrators" group

- has full (read/write/modify) permissions to backup image location (to test this, go to Backup > Image Location page and use "check" button


  • this article will be updated when a permanent solution is available


Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - all versions

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