Image to VM conversion to "virtual PC" format fails if source disk >127Gb


Converting an Acronis backup image to "Virtual PC" format always fails if source disk is larger than 127Gb

The Acronis log on the agent (C:\kworking\backupConvertLog.xml) contains this error - "Failed to map disks automatically"

The problem occurs when running conversion from "Image to VM" page in Kaseya VSA, or from the "Kaseya Backup local UI" on the agent.



Acronis command line interface converts to "Virtual PC" instead of newer Hyper-V virtual disk format. This file format has a limit of 127Gb.



  • The problem has been resolved in the latest Acronis build, which will be included in the next release of Kaseya. This is planned for end of May 2015.

Workaround: -
1) create new virtual machine in Hyper-V with same disk layout as source machine
2) boot it from Acronis recovery ISO and perform restore with Universal Restore option (the ISO can downloaded from Backup > Recovery > Universal Restore page)

The problem does not affect conversion to VMware or ESX formats.

This KB article will be updated when a permanent solution is available.



Kaseya VSA (all versions)

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