"Restart Icon" on Local Servers page does not work


Restart icon  on Backup > Offsite Replication > Local Servers page does not work: -

  • the Local Server replication service (KORepCln.exe) is not restarted
  • agent procedure log shows below error message

1:11:08 pm 19-Mar-15 Start Offsite Server admin
Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 4
1:11:08 pm 19-Mar-15 Start Offsite Server admin
FAILED in processing THEN step 4, Get Variable, with error Invalid number of fields or tuples


  • the problem has been documented
  • system attempts to restart Offsite Server replication process instead of Local Server


  • this article will be updated when a solution is available


  • correct process is started and stopped when replication is suspended/restarted according to replication schedule
  • to force restart, go to Schedule Transfer page, temporarily set replication for current time to "off", then re-apply desired schedule

Applies to

  • Kaseya VSA (Backup module) - R9
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