Hardware not detected when trying to restore with Acronis recovery CD




When booting from an Acronis recovery (Universal Restore) CD: -

- the network adapter is not detected so it is not possible to restore from backups on a network drive
- local hard disks are not detected, or are represented incorrectly (for example each disk unit in a RAID array is shown as a separate disk)


The Linux based Acronis boot environment may not have correct hardware drivers.


1) ensure you are using the latest version of the Acronis Recovery CD, which you can download fromhere

(!) if you are using an older version of Kaseya Backup, or do not have the latest hotfixes, the Universal Restore page may have a link to an old build. Please note that the latest build is based on ABR11, but can be used to restore images created from any Kaseya OEM Acronis build (True Image 9.x or ABR10)

2) if the hardware is still not detected correctly, attempt restore using a Windows PE based Acronis recovery CD, as described in 

If the issue is with the network adapter, you may also work around it by copying the backup set to a locally attached drive (e.g. a USB attached storage device) and restoring from there.



If the issue is unresolved, please submit the following information to Kaseya support: -

1) details of hardware device that was not detected (include links to vendor website where drivers were downloaded from)

2) on the Recovery CD menu,  go to Help > Collect System Information and save the output to a local or USB attached drive - attach this file to your support ticket

3) was recovery possible using the Windows PE based recovery CD?



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