Backups not monitored after installing Kaseya v6.3 on Windows Server 2003


After installing Kaseya v6.3 with Kaseya Backup (BUDR) v4.0 on Windows Server 2003, backups are not monitored by the server. Symptoms are: -

1) Backup Status page does not show progress of currently running backups
2) completed backups are not logged on the server console


This may affect a new installation or an upgrade from previous version of Kaseya.



There was a problem with virtual directory configuration in IIS6 during the installation. The problem does not affect later versions of IIS.



1) log onto the Kaseya server
2) open IIS Manager
3) browse to Web Sites > Default Web Site > BackupTab
4) right-click on ASPx and select Properties > ASP.NET tab
5) select 4.0.30319 from the ASP.NET version drop-down as shown below

6) click OK to apply (you will be prompted to restart the virtual directory)

After these steps are completed, start a new backup and check that it gets correctly monitored by the system.


Kaseya Backup (BUDR) v4.0
Kaseya v6.3
Windows Server 2003 / IIS6

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