Browser reports query timeout when trying to access backup logs

KB# KKB000927



A "Page cannot be displayed (HTTP 500.100, Internal Server Error,  ASP error)" message is shown when trying to access backup logs for a certain agent or agents: 



Due to the way logs are rendered in the browser, queries for agents containing more than a few hundred log entries often exceeds browser timeout. This affects agents with one or both of the following configurations:


1) Very frequent backup jobs (if auto-verify is enabled, this also produces additional logging)

2) Max Log Age is configured for a long time (default is 90 days)



The issue will be addressed in a future release of Kaseya Backup.

Workaround: Adjust Max Log Age to retain fewer logs. The Backup Sets function can still be used to review status of older backups and access raw Acronis logs, provided the backups are still retained on disk (as configured in Backup Schedule).



Kaseya Backup (BUDR) v4.0

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