Information about Acronis client v10.0-18058


There is now a new Acronis client build (v10.0-18058) available for installation from Backup > Install/Remove page.

What changes are included in this build?

This build fixes some issues with the previous ABR10 build (10.0-17552): -

  • hard disk detection issues cause backups to fail with “Failed to find hard disk" or "Failed to find partition" error
  • installation could not be completed on a read-only domain controller (RODC). Fixed, but requires manual installation
  • Mounting a TIB image that contained both an MBR and dynamic disks could fail
  • TIB-to-VHD image conversion could fail if the TIB file was larger than 127 GB
NB - please update clients which have any other issues that you cannot resolve before submitting support tickets, even if the issue is not listed above. Acronis support ask us to test with the latest build before investigating problems in depth.

To update clients to the new build: -

1) get the latest VSA hotfixes using System > Configure page
2) click on hyper-linked version number from Backup > Install/Remove page to initiate download of latest installer to the kserver (this only needs to be done once)
3) schedule a new installation to the client (it installs over the top of the existing client - reboot is usually NOT required if the client already at v10.x)

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