Backup fails on Acronis v11.5-37977 client with error "The running task has been canceled"


Backup fails on Kaseya Backup client with Acronis v11.5-37977. Backup Log reports this error - "The running task has been canceled"


The error occurs as the result of a bug in the Acronis command line interface. It occurs when end user interaction is needed to complete a backup, for example: -

• the image location disk runs out of space during the backup
• the image location becomes unavailable during the backup (e.g. drive is disconnected)
Kaseya runs backups without user interaction, so this error should not occur. Instead an explicit error should be logged reporting the reason the backup cannot continue (for example destination disk is full).


The problem has been addressed in the latest build of Acronis Backup. Here are the steps required to deploy the update: -

1) update Kaseya VSA to R9.1
- this will pull down the new Acronis install files and update "latest version" as reported on Backup > Install/Remove page

2) from Backup > Install/Remove page, schedule new installation on any existing agents with older Acronis builds
- please note, agent machine will need reboot to complete the installation

After the update, the Acronis log will contain a proper description of conditions which would previously cause the "running task has been canceled" error (examples above). The full Acronis log can be accessed by clicking on the "failed" hyper-link in the Result column on Backup Logs page.


Workaround (for agents which do not already have latest Acronis build) : -

Use the following steps to troubleshoot the cause of the backup failure: -

1) check that the image location has sufficient space to create the backup. This can be done using the "Check free space" button on the Image Location page, and comparing the amount of space with the size of the existing backup set.

2) ensure that the image location is available for the entire backup windows. If backing up to a network share, make sure the server or NAS device is always available and check for any network issues.

3) log onto the Backup client machine and run Acronis Management Console

4) go to logs and locate the failed backup job - as shown below, it should contain an informational event just before the failure containing the user prompt



Further Investigation

If the issue persists, please open a Kaseya support ticket and provide the following information: -

1) if you have provided support with access to your VSA, specify the affected agents

2) complete error message from Backup Logs page

3) Acronis raw log - this is an XML file that an be accessed by clicking on the "failed" hyper-link in the "Result" column

4) logs from Acronis Management Console (use "save all to file" button on screen shown in step 4 above)

5) Acronis Info tool output - click here for instructions

6) details of troubleshooting steps taken so far

Applies to

Kaseya VSA (v6.5 and above)
Acronis v11.5-37977

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