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KAM definitions are not updating (Error Code 0)


Endpoint machines with Kaseya Anti-Malware are unable to download latest Database Definitions.

Kaseya UI shows the "Virus Definition Out Of Date" flag:


Endpoint machines have the same status:




Manual Updates (from Kaseya Console) and Scheduled Updates (using KAM profiles) execute the following command on the endpoint machines:

 [[mbam-msp.exe" /update -silent]] 

However, after a few seconds nothing happens:




Scheduled Task shows the following error message in LOGs:

2015/04/12 14:10:00 +1200 WINWS7-2 Denis ERROR Scheduled update failed:  Host not found failed with error code 0



These LOGs can be found in the <kworking>\KAM\MbamLogs folder



Executing Update on Endpoint machine shows the following message:





This issue happens when the an endpoint machine with KAM is unable to reach Malwarebyte Servers to perform update of the database definitions.

To fix this issue please make sure that your Network Firewall has exclusions/allows the following URLs:


As an example see Kaspersky Firewall Settings:



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