KES install on all the machines is showing "waiting on service"


I have deployed KES/AVG on machines from security>installations, but it's stuck "waiting on service" in Kaseya.This is happening for all the machines where KES installation was scheduled



Please follow below steps to troubleshoot this issue

1. Please verify on the endpoint that AVG is installed. This can be done by checking the program files folder or by looking for AVG watchdog service. You will also see AVG icon on the machine's system tray

Please refer to this below article for KES install failure

2. If AVG is already installed on the endpoint then most likely the issue is on the kaseya server side, please browse to security>security status, is there any error message showing up

3. Please log into your kaseya server, open a browser and please browse to below path


If you see any error when browsing to above path, please create a ticket with kaseya support

4. When the loading of the page completes, please refresh the page in security>installation and please verify if the issue is still there or not

Further Investigation

Please create a ticket with kaseya support and please include results and screenshots of the above tests


Applies to KES,On Premise

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