What should I do if AVG detects a false positive ?


If AVG reports a false positive, what steps should I take to remedy the issue ?



If a file is detected as a false positive:

  • Visit the following KB Article:
  • In Choose an appropriate request type select the type of false detection.
  • Fill in the details about the file
  • Click Choose file, browse to the incorrectly detected file, and then click Open.
    Note: In case AVG prevents you from opening the file, you can disable it temporarily

  • Type the verification code, and then click Submit query
  • AVG will then review the file and provide you the results

If  a registry key is detected as a false positive::

  • Open Start menu, click Run (only Windows XP), type "regedit", and then pressEnter.
  • Browse to the incorrectly detected key.
  • Right-click the key, and then click Export. Save the export e.g. to Desktop.
  • Attach the exported registry key to your report as describe above.
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