AVG Update Issues

AVG Update Issues




Why are endpoints locking up and / or failing to load since Monday, Apr-2-2012 EDT?



We have identified an issue with an AVG update, numbered 9.0.929a.  When the realtime protection within KAM is enabled, the endpoint is unable to complete the AVG update, and may lock up.  Disabling protection within the KAM module has shown to allow the AVG update to complete successfully.  When the AVG update has completed, the protection can be re-enabled.


A profile can be created or edited as shown to disable the protection while the AVG update is applied as noted here:



At this time, AVG has said that they are removing the 9.0.929a update.


UPDATE:  The 9.0.929a update has been rolled back from the AVG servers.  Please open


substituting your KServer URL for the <server> above, to force the 9.0.927a update back onto your KServer.  At that point, the 9.0.927a update will be the update pushed to the endpoints.  



Investigation continues into prevention of this issue in subsequent AVG updates.



KES 2.1, KES 2.2, AVG 9, AVG 2010, KAM 1.1, MalwareBytes

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