How are virus signature updates scheduled for KES endpoints and can I change the update schedule?

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How are virus signature updates scheduled for KES endpoints?

Can I change the update schedule?



1) The Kaseya server checks AVG's website for AVI updates every 15 mins, and the current available version is reported on the Security Status and Manual Update pages. Once a new update is detected, it is pushed out to online KES endpoints within 2 hours (staggered to avoid bandwidth issues). Offline endpoints will get them shortly after the next check-in. Also, the AVG client has its own 4 hour update check scheduled by default which happens independently of the Kaseya updates.

2) You can disable automatic updates from the Manual Update function. You can also force an immediate update from here. However, you cannot control the regular update schedules - they are dynamically scheduled by the system as and when updates are available.



Kaseya Endpoint Security (KES) v2.x

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