What can I do if the KES profile assignment fails?

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What can I do if the KES profile assignment fails?


Use the following steps to troubleshoot: -

  1. go to Security > Install/Remove and verify machine's install status. If the install failed, refer to this article -
  2. go to Security > Manual Update and update the machine in question. If the update fails, refer to this article:
  3. go to Security > View Logs and check the security log for the machine in question for any messages relating to the profile assignment
  4. go to Security > Define Profile, select the profile and create another copy of it using Save As. Attempt to assign this new copy to the machine. If this succeeds, there may be a permissions issue with the original profile.
  5. Reboot the endpoint and attempt the assignment again
  6. Log onto the machine in question and verify that the Kaseya Security Service (KasAvSrv.exe) is running. If not, check if the file exists in the agent installation folder and attempt to start it using net start KaseyaAVService. If it exhibits issues, refer to this KB article:
  7. go to the <agent temp>/kes directory and check that the profile-x.xml file has been downloaded (where x is a number related to the profile ID). To verify the profile name open the profile-x.xml file and see the first line.
  8. load the AVG interface (c:\programfiles\avg\avg8\avgui.exe) and check whether the profile settings have actually been applied. If so then it is not being reported back to the server.
  9. if none of these troubleshooting steps help find a solution, please include the following information in your support ticket: -
    • ID (we may require permission to VNC and reboot)
    •  Details from all the above troubleshooting steps
    •  Go to System > Request Support and click Create to allow access to your Kaseya server


Kaseya Endpoint Security (KES) 2.0

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