KAV Install Failures-General Troubleshooting


When trying to install kaspersky using Kaseya KAV module the installation fails


    1. Installation would not start on the endpoint
    2. Installation started but failed in the middle of it
    3. Installation has completed on the endpoint but Kaseya is not reporting the status correctly as installed
    4. Installation Script fails
    5. Installation scripts do not get scheduled


1.Installation would not start on the endpoint

If the installation is not starting on the endpoint, the agent procedure log may give you an error message like shown below

FAILED in processing THEN step 1, Get File, with error File Open Failed, Getting status of C:\kworking\kav\kav_install.log

The install log is not created in such case therefore you will receive this error message.

You may or may not receive this error message but please do verify this below step.

  • Please look for avpsetup.rpu file under kworking\kav and please open that file in notepad.This file will let you know if the installation is failing due to a particular incompatible security product on the endpoint. In such case you will have to run a removal tool applicable to that conflicting product.You can find most of these removal tools in these below links



2.Installation started but failed in the middle of it

  • If the installation did start but failed in the middle, the agent procedure log will not give any error message. Your antivirus module>machines page>install error should have a link to install log. You can also get this log from endpoint's kworking\kav folder and it is named as kav_install.log.

  Please open this log file and look for the install error at the very bottom of the log. If the error message at the end of the log is vague, you can search    the log file for a string 'return value 3'. The 5-10 lines above this line that has the string 'return value 3' could include the vital information on why the  install failed.Please feel free to search for the error message in kaspersky forum and their knowledge base.

  Please include this log along with other requested information if you need kaseya support to investigate this issue further for you

3.Installation has completed on the endpoint but Kaseya is not reporting the status correctly as installed

  • If the installation did complete on the endpoint which you can verify by remote controlling to the endpoint or by checking for avp.exe process from klc>task manager, you can click on connect client from antivirus>machines>install drop down to manage the machine from kaseya again. The connection previously could have time out previously when setting the information properly in the database about the install status.

4.Installation Script fails

  • If the install script failed and is not similar from the first symptom, please check if it is failing due to certain files missing on the kaseya server. The agent procedure log from agent logs>agent procedure logs will give you details on what file it could be and where you can look for it.Please verify if that file is actually available in your kaseya server or not.
  • If the agent procedure log suggests that it cannot find an associated script needed to run the installation process please run a reapply schema during a maintenance window from system>configure and later verify the issue again.


5. Installation Script do not get scheduled (

  • Please verify if this happens for all other kav related procedures and on all the machines, for example: kav scan, kav profile assignment, kav get status operation. In such case,please make sure kaseya antivirus service on the kaseya server is running. If you are unable to keep it in started state, please create a ticket with kaseya support.
  • If the issue is limited on few particular machines only where none of kav operation show up as scheduled, then it could be a pending kav task that still says to be running on the database side and therefore could result in creating a flag that will reflect the issue.It might be best to contact kaseya support in this case as well.

If above steps do not help to troubleshoot KAV install issue please create a ticket with kaseya support and please include results of above steps with logs and screenshots you had retrieved.





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