KAV Collect Tool - Collects several logs for troubleshooting KAV installation issues.


Used to collect logs when experiencing issues regarding the installation of KAV on an endpoint. 



Usually the cause is an environmental factor on specific endpoints which prevents KAV from installing such as the KAV installer failing to execute or not executing properly on an endpoint. 



The following steps can be taken to collect the necessary logs required to further troubleshoot the issue.

  1. Download and extract the attachment 
  2. Upload the agent procedure on the VSA's Agent Procedure tab > Schedule/Create
  3. Upload the utility on the Agent Procedure tab > Managed Files > Schedule/Create > Shared Files
  4. Run the Agent Procedure on an endpoint. The procedure should take about 5 minutes to finish executing. 
  5. FTP to the endpoint's working directory (usually C:\kworking\KAV-Collect-Tool\) and collect this log. 

Note: It is possible that the execution of the utility may fail if UAC is enabled or anti virus protection is actively running on the system. In cases where it fails please disable UAC and anti virus protection and try again. 

The utility can also be ran manually without using the agent procedure. 



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