Work Around: KAV Definition Date Does Not Match Endpoint And Incorrectly Reports Out of Date


KAV Definition Date on VSA Does Not Match Endpoint And Incorrectly Reports Out of Date



This is a known issue being investigated by our engineering team. For the meantime, I have written the following work-around in order for you to be able to confirm which machines are ACTUALLY out-of-date and which are just reporting falsely:


1. Create A Custom Field called KavDatabaseOutOfDate in Audit>View individual Data>Machine Summary (You only need to do this on one agent, it will create it across all agents):



2. Create a custom view that will check this custom field for the value "Yes":





4. Import the attached agent procedure.xml to your VSA:



5. Select the procedure in question and select the desired agent(s) you will be running this on and schedule/run now:



6. You will be prompted for a date, this is the date that you will check your agents against, typically you would want to check against the last time your machines should have updated definitions. Note: Please make sure to honor the format specified:



If the database date is LESS than what inputted here, it will report as out of date. 

The view you created will show you machines that are truly out of date:



If you are curious what is going on in the script, I recommend you navigate to Agent>Machine Status>Agent Logs. Select the agent(s) in question and select the Agent Procedure Log in the drop-down menu:

This is how an up-to-date machine will look:



This is how an out-of-date machine looks like:




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