Creating a Global List of Trusted Applications for KAV

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How do I create a Global List of Trusted Applications for KAV?



A Hotfix has been released that will allow On-Premise VSA customers running KServer 6.1 and KAV 1.1 to create a Global List of Trusted Applications.  This article addresses Frequently Asked Questions about the hotfix and its functionality.


What does this hotfix provide?

     This hotfix provides a temporary method for administrators to take advantage of the Kaspersky "Trusted Applications" feature (which is not yet available in the VSA Profile Screens--but will be added in the next major release).  Using Trusted Applications can be an effective method for designating trusted binaries and executables when the "Exclusion Rules" aren't sufficient to prevent Kaspersky from blocking those applications.


Who is this hotfix available to?

   On-premise VSA customers running v6.1 and KAV v1.1 only.  This feature is not available to SaaS customers--but will be included in the KAV Profiles in version 1.2.


How do I know if I have this hotfix?

     1 - In the VSA click Server Management > Configure > Hotfix History

     2 - Click control-F in your browser to search for text and search for "KAV 1.1 Hotfix 4071" to ensure it is present

     3 - Also verify HF 4072 through 4076 are also present


Can I have a different list of Trusted Apps for each profile?

     No.  In its current configuration, the list is global and will be applied indiscriminately to all profiles.  The ability to tailor trusted apps by profile will be included in the next major release of KAV


Where can I find the list of Trusted Apps?



What files should I add to the list?

     If you are having issues with Kaspersky blocking legitimate applications (despite being included in the Profile's "Exclusion Rules") you should add them to the globalTrustedApps.xml file.  Additionally, if you suspect that Kaspersky is degrading system performance by scanning large or frequently accessed files (.pst .mdb .ost etc) you may add those to the list to prevent the users' computers from being taxed by processing large files or frequently accessed files unnecessarily.


How do I add an app to the list?

     Edit the file located at WebPages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles\KasperskyProfiles\globalTrustedApps.xml (see example below):




Can I use wildcards in the path?

     No, but you can use common environment variables (%windir%\regedit.exe)  See for sample environment variables


I'm not very comfortable with XML.  How can I validate my edits to ensure they are properly formatted?

     Open the file in Internet Explorer.  If the XML has been properly formatted, you'll see the contents presented with color coded formatting (see example below).  If the file is improperly formatted, Internet Explorer will present a blank screen:




Will the changes I make in the globalTrustedApps.xml file be effective immediately?

     No.  You must reapply the profile to the endpoint before the change is effective.


Why isn't this in the VSA Profile UI?

     It will be added to the UI in the next major release--but is being made available now to customers who need this functionality before the next release is available.




KAV 1.1

KServer 6.1

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