What’s the difference between Partial Licenses and Auto-Extend?

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What’s the difference between Partial Licenses and Auto-Extend?



Some modules such as Kaseya Anti-Virus (KAV) and Kaseya Anti-Malware (KAM) are subscription-based services. These subscriptions licenses are valid for one year from the first install to an endpoint.

Auto Extend:  With Auto Extend enabled, a new, full license is extended to the endpoint as soon as the current license expires (as long as you have available licenses). This ensures the endpoint does not go without KAV (or KAM) protection.  Auto Extend always uses a full license.

Partial License:  In the event you uninstall KAV or KAM from an endpoint, that license goes into a “Partial License” pool. When KAM is deployed to a new endpoint, Kaseya License Manager will check first for partial licenses.  If there is a partial license available, this will be used on the endpoint with the new install.  If there are no partial licenses available, Kaseya will use a full license.

Licenses for these features begin their clock ticking on the first day they are installed to the endpoint (not on the day of purchase). If uninstalled from an endpoint, the clock continues to tick against that license.  By deploying these partial licenses for new installations of these services, you get the most out of each one-year license.

You can view the status of licenses by following these steps:

1. Click the tab for the appropriate service (KAV, KAM, etc.)

2. Within the function list, click Show > Dashboards

3. License Summary is an option within the Dashboards. If you do not see License Summary:

    a. Click Add Parts

    b. Select License Summary


4. The Available, Expired, In Use, Partial, and Pending Install licenses are available within the License Summary Dashboard

NOTE: On VSA version 6.5 and above, you can see the License use in the Antivirus License Statistics graph:



If you have questions about licensing or would like to purchase additional licenses for these subscription-based services, please contact your sales representative. If you have any concerns or require support, please open a support ticket.




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