Ctrl+Alt+Del causes loss of keyboard and mouse control on Windows XP agent


When connected to an agent with Windows XP, clicking the CTRL+ALT+DEL button results in the following behaviour: -

  • Task Manager is opened on the remote machine
  • viewer loses keyboard and mouse control, but can still see screen updates
  • after closing remote window and reconnecting, keyboard and mouse control is restored
  • the problem only occurs if the logged in user does not have a password


  • the problem has been documented


  • this article will be updated when a solution is available

Workaround: -

  • the problem does not occur when starting Task Manager from task bar right-click menu within the remote session

Applies to

Kaseya VSA (Remote Control) - v7.0 and later


  • the problem does not occur if I start Task Manager from task bar right-click menu w- ithin the remote session
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