Unable to remote control Windows XP agent with terminal services disabled


  • a Windows XP agent has "terminal services" service disabled in Windows


  • when attempting shared Remote Control session, viewer displays "connected", then a few seconds later displays "connection lost"
  • KaseyaRemoteControlHost log on agent machine has exception shown below

[F2014-11-24T11:52:18.065207+01:00 1f18] [IOThread] An unexpected exception occurred. Program will be terminated.
..\TerminalServices.cpp(132): Throw in function class std::vector<class Kaseya::RemoteControl::TerminalServicesSessionInfo,class std::allocator<class Kaseya::RemoteControl::TerminalServicesSessionInfo> > __cdecl Kaseya::RemoteControl::TerminalServicesSessionInfo::EnumerateSessions(void)
Dynamic exception type: struct Kaseya::Utility::RuntimeException
The binding handle is invalid (system:1702)


  • the problem has been documented


There are two available workarounds: -

  • enable and start the "terminal services" service on the agent machine
  • use "legacy" remote control (K-VNC) to connect to affected agents

This article will be updated when a permanent solution is available.


Applies to

Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) - R8 and above

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